Lost [UDK]

Lost is a mid sized level using the same stock assets as I did for Jaya. This time however I wanted to create a more complete feeling temple locale and invested a lot of time into creating the visual sense of place. The ruins themselves are hidden within a large cavern opening and situated at the bottom of waterfalls which provide a pocket of life with a humid and oppressive feel, thanks to the subtle use of ground and distance fog. I used flaming skull torches for light and giant protruding support pillars embedded in the rock face to detract away from the Angkor style and give it a more unique theme.

The level layout is a fairly simple interconnected ring on differing height levels – with addition of side routes which keeps the gameplay constantly moving. I couldn’t resist adding a classic dead end powerup inside the temple to lure players in!

Personal project
UDK, Deathmatch